Ham Radio Sample Test Question:

What is the term for the ration between the frequency deviation of an RF carrier wave, and the modulating frequency of its corresponding FM-phone signal?

That’s a sample question that Kelly may have to answer today. I don’t even know if it is an easy question or hard one. It all sounds like Greek to me.

Last week Kelly passed his first level test for getting his Ham Radio license qualifying him at the “Technician” level. Today, he is going for his Level 2 (General) and Level 3 (Amateur Extra) tests. He will pass the Level 2 but he’s not so sure about the 3rd level, 50-question Extra Class test. It is a whole new area of “digital” radio-electronics with terms, theories and equations using log rhythms and scientific calculators that I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around. (He doesn’t “need” the level 3 license to be a Ham…it’s all in the challenge of “Can I do it?”.) Most of this stuff he has never heard of and with just one week of studying, well, will let you know how he does.

Here’s a picture from yester-year. This was Kelly’s radio setup back when he was still in school.

His call letters then - WA9NOG

His call letters then - WA9NOG

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