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Cardiologist gives Kelly an A+

The doctor told Kelly today at his annual check up to: “Keep doing what ever it is your doing, because it’s working!” What was he doing? The Atkins diet & exercise. What was the issue? Just 3 months ago… his cholesterol had shot up to: 275; HDL: 49, LDL: 161; triglycerides: 327 (ideal-150), not to mention a return to hypoglycemic symptoms. And, today he was told that his EKG was excellent. God is good! Compare December’s numbers with these below:

Today’s numbers :

  • Cholesterol 122 (flagged for being too low – ha!)
  • Triglycerides: 133
  • HDL: 52
  • LDL: 43 (bad cholesterol)

Update on our Biggest Loser message:

Today, Kelly weighed in at the doctor’s office at 172. That means he has lost 23 lbs so far. As for me, I have lost about 13 lbs.

The contest ends March 8th but the dietary routine will remain the same for us after that great doctor visit. Now it’s time for my check up. My last cholesterol reading was up also, so I’m waiting to see if I will have similar good news from my doctor.